Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spectacular nose

     I must say, nerdboyfriend has had some great nerdy picks lately... I have a history for gushing about nerds- I even posted about Collin Firth, once. What can I say?? I have a certain admiration for slightly off kilter men. The nerdboyfriend blog features many fashionable men, but few embody what it really means to be a "nerd" in all the best ways.

     The first is Adrien Brody. I am crazy about Adrien Brody(especially in The Brothers Bloom- and don't even get me started on how smokin' Rachel Weisz is). A friend of mine is notorious for admiring eccentric noses. I have never really admired anybody's nose... until Adrien Brody. Not only does he have a spectacular nose, he seem effortlessly suave and charming but at the same time extremely quirky. It's almost an impossible combination.

     As embarrassing as is it to admit, and for reasons only God knows why, I have just recently watch for the first time The Graduate. (And, by the way, what they say IS true- it truly is a life changing movie.) And let me tell you, I was soo excited to see that Dustin Hoffman (circa The Graduate) had made it on nerdboyfriend! Yeah, his wardrobe was great (blah, blah), but he was an anxious, passionate, sweaty mess! What says nerd more than that?

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