Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brown, but spottless

     Hey y'all! I haven't gotten around to a new post in over a week. Typical Erika, I know... but I've been busy doing small town things on my "Burwell family visit vaca" (which explains my y'all slip). Soon enough I'll post little snippets of my adventures and maybe even a few poorly taken pictures (in Erika land, bad photography is For now, here's a snap shot of a few brown eggs we plucked from our chicken coup this morning. To my disappointment, I learned that my grandmothers hens never lay spotted or blue-ish eggs. Apparently, you need a special breed of chickens for that sort of thing- who woulda thunk?

To hold y'all (there I go again...) over till the next post, here are a few nifty things floating around the web:

A seriously  cool hammock park in Austria

I looove children's books- the really good ones are more profound and poetic than most grown up books! Here is a list of recomended children's book (none of which I have read, and all of which I will)

If you haven't already figured it out, I ADORE teacups...Can you tell which is porcelain and which is paper?? I couldn't...

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