Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love Etc.

I've been getting really into documentaries lately- probably mostly because of my sister (HI DANA!)- and I've been seeing this trailer floating around a lot. Love Etc. is a doc about love, but not just the mushy stuff you see in every romance summer hit- it's  about all the kinds and stages of love...even the not-so-fluffy stuff.
LOVE ETC. is a witty, poignant and humorous exploration about the universal stages of love, depicted through five real stories over the course of one year in New York City. Young, old, gay, straight – everyone has experienced love – and the joy and frustration that come with it. From teen romance to a decades-long marriage; newlyweds to a recent divorcee, and even a bachelor so frustrated in his search that he chooses to have children without a partner, LOVE ETC. documents the intimate journeys of engaging characters aged 18-89 who reflect the city’s diversity, and takes an honest look at life's most challenging pursuit.

LOVE ETC. began with a concept from Executive Producer Jonathan Tisch, inspired by the day he spent waiting in line, with his fiancée Lizzie, for their marriage license at the City Hall Marriage Bureau. Surrounded by an incredible diversity of couples, they saw that everyone there was united by a common hope and belief in love. This room was a microcosm of the city, and New York City was a microcosm of the world.
It opens in LA on July 15th... you can get all the info here.

Also, speaking of documentaries, Joanna at Cup of Jo made a list of the ten best documentaries (I even read all 255 comments to see what documentaries other recommended! geeeeeek).

She also talks about how she gets together with her friend Scott once a month to watch new documentaries- they call it their documentary club. That's so AWESOME. I love how their club has only two people in it. Whenever I dream of starting all my silly clubs, I always imagine that they need to have at least seven people to count as a real club. I like the idea of only having two, it seems more genuine, doesn't it? Well, I'm off to plan my first documentary club gathering! Have a lovely thursday, cheers!

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