Sunday, November 28, 2010

The revenge of the nerds

How can you NOT want one?!?! Com'on, addmit it, their quirkiness is cute. They are sesitive, smart, wear glasses, and usually have a (or many) awesome collections. Aaaaand, they clearly make the best dressed beau's. If you're not convinced then take a look at nerd boyfriend, a lovely blog that features iconic nerds and how they dressed!

And if you prefer the more tech savey geek, check out A Girls Guide to Geek Guys for their proper care amd feeding.

P.S. I was inclined to post a photo of my very own beau, but I new he would have freaked out by the idea that his identity was revealed... I know, what a dork, right?? He's the cutest!

Update: I now have permission to post pictures! So, here they are.... 

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