Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trifle things...


     Not too long ago, in a cafe parking lot, the most wonderfully trifle thing happened. My sister was sitting in her car, minding her own business (because she's kind of creepy like that sometimes), when she saw a women depart from her friends and get into the car right next to her.  The second the woman closed off the world with a slam of a door, she fell to pieces. The wheel supported her slumped body as it throbbed in slow motion, and in the confines of her self-made solitude, she could finally let go of whatever she had to hold back outside. My sister, who watched the entire scene unfold from the shadows of her car, explained it as being strikingly beautiful but also terribly heartbreaking. The woman had unknowingly shared an intimate moment with an outsider- and two separate worlds overlapped, in a venn diagram sort of way. The smallest sliver of reality has the ability to remind us of the entire spectrum of human emotions, including the ones we release only in the intimacy of our own solitude.  At the very least, it can remind us to be kind, because above all things- above politics, above business, above romance- I believe in kindness.

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