Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flirty texts: 850

     I love this so terribly much. 

     Since we're now only two days away from Valentine's Day, I've been trying to stick with the love theme. In my efforts to avoid that feeling you get when you walk into a late night Chinese restaurant in February (the one's that have fabric red roses everywhere you look, shiny cheap hearts taped to every wall surface and swirly sparkly ribbons stapled to the ceiling), I have found this little quirky and real life chart of love. My favorite is the tiny red "Momentary Freak Out" sliver that comes right before the large peach "Back on Track and Feelin' Groovy" bar. And the stats on the bottom are charmingly humorous, my favorite is Miles driven to see each other: 700. This chart is the epitome of what real love is, and no hallmark Valentine's Day card can do it justice like this.

Ps. I know the chart is a little too small to get a clear view, but you can click the link and then click the chart to get a closer view!

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