Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty Valentine's Palmiers

     I recently posted about my favorite cook book I Know How to Cook. So, ok, maybe I chose that book instead of all the rest because it was exploding with great color pallets (yeah. I'm that girl), but truthfully, it was a great choice! Every recipe is sooo simple and the outcome always tastes fancy and delicious! My recent favorite recipe is the delicious Palmiers! These puff pastry desserts taste great with tea and coffee, but the best part is their simplicity. My absolute favorite thing about that cook book is that everything is made from scratch. You only need the most basic ingredients (that you probably already have in your kitchen). These Palmiers only take four ingredients: flour, butter, salt, and sugar. You just mix them together in a fancy way and then roll up the dough in a fancy way and cut the roll into little slices. After all that fancy, the slices look like mangled and droopy, but after you pop them in the oven for a little, they come out looking like hearts (or mustaches)! They are a fantastic Valentine's Day treat! Start off the day right by serving them with coffee to all your loved ones!

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