Monday, January 16, 2012

The Times

(via refinery29)

         My whole life I've had this really weird obsession with candles. I remember as a kid I would collect every candle from around my house so that every surface in my bedroom was cover with them, then I would turn off the lights, and watch them all burn in the dark. I love the way their little lights flickered, they way it smelled, they way the wax would dribble down the sides (my mother hated that). Since then, I've tried to cut down on my candle-ing. (note: Sometimes, I still sit in the dark and watch a few burn.) Right now, I have a Sandalwood scented candle on my nightstand that I use every night because it's earthly and all-but-sugary smell is perfect for relaxing.
          I just stumbled across this amazing Times scented candle that smells "in a word, newsy, with hints of guaiacwood, cedar, musk, spice, with "a powdery note and velvet nuance," meant to mimic the aroma of black ink on newsprint." I've been known to flip through the LA Times (staying loyal to my coast!) every now and then, and I have to say the smell and feel of the newsprint is a vital part of the experience. So... sorry, Sandalwood candle, if I ever get ahold of this baby you're being demoted from bedside to bathside.

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