Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14 days of LOVE

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          Happy first day of February! Valentines day is looming and love themed foods, parties, gifts, and films will consume everybody's lives for the next two weeks. I'll be joining the bandwagon, as today will be the first of my 14 days of love. But fear not all you stags(!) I will not be limiting myself to that sappy sugary shit you work so hard to avoid during this month of love. There is enough love (and misery) for everyone! : ) In fear of rushing into things too fast, I'll just leave you with this lovely poster.... I hope it's not too soon, but I just need you to know that I'm obsessed with you all! ; )

          Side note: When I was a lass, I was so sure that Valentines' Day was actually ValentiMe's Day that I would have fought to the death to prove it.

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