Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea out of a glass

     Favorite snacks of our favorite authors?!?!?! These illustrations are AMAZING! My favorites are Michael Pollan (because I drink my hot tea- english style with cream and sugar- out of a tall glass too!), Mary Roach ( because any author who eats pho' is bad ass), and Truman Capote (*see illustration* self-explanatory, duh).

     Ok folks, I'm about to collect eggs out of our chicken coup and make my delicious baked strawb pie! I'm having a country blast at my grandparents this week, pictures to come soon, I swear- for now, here are some great things floating around the web this week, enjoy!!

It's official- congrats again!

If I could create my own shop, I would be pretty close to this one- amazinggg!

This post reminded me how much I've always wanted to visit Greece.

This post from Cup of Jo is a about how to talk to little girls- it mentions
this article which urges people to change the way little girls think by commenting on their intelligence rather than their appearance..... I can't agree more, it's a total must read !!!

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