Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pencil Perfect

     In my room, I have a lovely white washed wooden four poster princess bed, two matching delicate night stands, one not so large dresser, and an upright easel. I used to have a desk, but I replaced it with a small sewing table that I use to house my many dying plants. I thought a place for my (continually replaced) plants was a much better idea mostly because I couldn't keep my desk clean enough to actually work on it. It was so cluttered with books and magazine clippings and half finished projects that I couldn't even find a place to put my favorite pens. Today I came across this back to school theme babble post, and it totally inspired me to move my squeaky drawer, wooden antique desk back into my room! They're beautiful- but more importantly they are simple.
     You can find them on etsy for about $43, but I'm really into making my own things. This would be a really easy and fun DIY- in fact I think I'll try to crank some out before the school year starts. There is something nice about having a home filled with things you've made yourself!

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