Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabulous flakes, if there ever were such a thing

Paper snowflakes are the absolute ultimate Christmas decoration! They are tons of fun to make and they always look dreamy no matter how creativley challenged you are!! If you are growing tired of the plain white folded paper, try a pattern instead! I LOVE using old book pages when I make my flakes, there's just something so cool about that old yellow paper!

I ADORE these fancy flakes! Have you ever seen anything like them in your life?!?! Isn't it funny how everybodys snowflakes turn out just a littttle bit different? It's just like handwriting!!

And for all you noobs, here is THE BEST paper snowflake video out there! She's absolutely right on the spot when she says that you want to cut most of the paper away and leave even boarders!

Here's a really aweful snap of my flakes this year! I'm not quite done making them but I hope to hang them from the ceiling, or maybe make a snowflake chandelier!! Any ideas?!?!

Merry Flaking Everyone!!

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