Sunday, January 1, 2017

On New Years Resolutions

Happy 2017! 

I will admit that I have been a bit MIA in the blogosphere, for reasons I might share later. But as January 1st comes and goes, I continualy find myself looking back on my reflections in years past. I can say with certainty that the most awesome, occasionally awkward, sometimes surprising thing about having a blog is the ability to take a little peek at all your earlier selves. In this little capture from five (FIVE!!) years ago, my 2012 self is reflecting on my past years resolution. Or more accurately my letter to 2011. It's been five years (FIVE!!!), and I can't think of a more fitting attitude to take on 2017. I can't even begin to anticipate my life will be like in 2022 (OMG.) but I am so looking forward to looking back on this day and this thought and this self. 

P.S. Future self, I'm going to go out and buy some real good anti-aging moisturizer so you better be looking on fleek, or whatever is they say in 2022...

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